The Club

The Monash University Wushu Club was founded in 1994 and quickly grew to become one of the largest martial arts club on campus.

Apart from providing the opportunity for students to learn wushu, the role of the club is to promote both wushu and Chinese culture at the University and in the wider community.

The Coach

The Club's coach is Master Tang Laiwei a former Chinese National Champion and member of the Beijing Wushu Team.

The Committee

You may think Monash Wushu Club is as easy as just turning up to training, however we have a very dedicated committee that run a lot of things behind the curtains, such as:

  • Ensuring our members are happy with the environment and training conditions
  • Liaising with Monash Sport
  • Keeping the club up to date with Monash Sport guidelines
  • Venue bookings and funding arrangements
  • Monash University O-Week (late Feb) & Open Day (August) events
  • Promotional material - posters, flyers, a-frames, videos, etc
  • Performances & Demos
  • Social events
  • Training carpet

Being part of the committee is a very rewarding experience and can actually count towards your resume. Our Annual General Meeting is held every year around August and nominations for positions are open. These positions are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Marketing

If you are interested in being on our committee, please see one of our current committee members at training.

Please contact the committee using the contact form.