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A kick in the temple
Written by Committee   
Wednesday, 06 June 2012 21:04

This is a rather old article extracted from The Age:


China's Shaolin Temple is the home of kung fu. But are tourism and Hollywood ruining the warrior dream?


Kung Fu Panda: Destroying the Shaolin image?

THE moon is the finest sliver of pale gold in the blackness lying over the Songshan mountains. The wind is rushing down into the valley, shaking the nests of azure-winged magpies, rustling the bamboo and catalpa blossoms, and jangling temple bells …

Cha Quan
Written by Committee   
Monday, 09 April 2012 23:10

Wushu is known to have borrowed and evolved from martial arts of different countries. In the article 'Origins of Shaolin Kung Fu' http://www.monashwushu.com/articles/17-articles-category/118-the-origins-of-shaolin-kung-fu.html , we learnt that it originated from an Indian prince who knew Indian Martial Arts. This article gives a brief about Cha Quan (traditional style) and its origins. For performances by the Monash Wushu Club and Taichi For Life, Michael usually does a Cha Quan form. Keep a look out for it!

Cha quan is a traditional Chinese martial art. Its graceful movements conceal a...

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