Wushu at Monash
As mentioned in our introductory article "What is Wushu?", there are many different styles to learn. At Monash Wushu Club, we lean towards the Northern styles of wushu, however can also accommodate to all styles whether internal, Southern or traditional.
For information specific to training, please also see "Training" and "Venue, Times & Prices".
Beginners (see also Beginners page)
At MWC, we have a strong focus on basics, therefore everyone who starts out must go through the basic routines. This includes those who have previous martial arts training, as other styles will have a different emphasis on techniques. This rule may also apply to people who have had previous training in wushu, as experience differs from person to person and other schools will teach in different ways. However this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
Basic exercises include:
  • All punching and kicking drills
  • Stance work - horse, bow, empty, crossover, lotus stance
  • Compulsory 5-stance routine
  • Compulsory short longfist routine
Anyone trying out wushu for the first time can have their first few lessons FREE so they have an idea of what wushu feels like.

After learning all the basic routines, beginners move into an intermediate stage, where they begin learning basic weapon routines. This is also compulsory and begins with staff and broadsword. Straightsword and spear are then optional. These routines are designed to further enhance one's coordination, where the weapon would be used as an extention of the body.
Competition Participation
Competition Training

Advanced members are encouraged to learn an international level compulsory routine. This could either be a longfist, short or long weapon form and would have a duration of a minimum 1:20 minutes. Traditional forms are further encouraged to expand one's experience and knowledge in wushu routines.

Members of Monash Wushu have been participating in the WTPA (Wushu & Taichi Practitioners Australia) competition festival every year for over 10 years. Not only does this include members who compete, but also members who volunteer to help setup and run the festival which is usually held at Monash Clayton, Sports & Recreation Stadium. For up to date information, please check the WTPA website.
We have also had members go into further training at our sister school Taichi for Life (Master Tang's school) to compete in the state and national AKWF competitions, and ultimately represent Australia in the World Wushu Championships, held every two years.